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History of the town
  • From ancient Umbrian origins, preserves numerous and interesting historical and archaeological findings of its medieval and roman life in the main museums in the world, particulary in the Vatican's rnuseum. It could be that its name derives from the greek word "Ocris" (mount), which might have influenced the "Umbrian name and the etruscan one "ocar", "Ukar".
  • In late imperial times its name changed into "Utriculum" from which the medieval form Utricoli derives. The first certain contact with Rome they had at the end of the IVth century b.C., in relation with the passage of C. Marcio Rutilo and Q. Fabio Rulliano across the Cimina woods in 310 b.C. and the battle in the plain of Mevania (308 b.C.).
  • During the social war the "Ocriculani" have been part of the Italics, which cost them the complete destruction of the fortified centre. From the Ist century on one can read the history of the city through the monuments, a good many of which are dated between the Ist century b.C. and the Ist century a.C. With Diocleziano, Otricoli, enters to be part of the new region "Tuscia and Umbra", together with other cities of western Umbria.
  • The city was destroyed during gothic war. About the mid of the VIth century, the bishop Fulgenzio discovered the body of San Vittore, died as a martyr in the llnd century. The bishop then had an altar built on top of his grave, in the place where later on the little church of San Vit tore rose.
How to reach to
  • Nearest railway station is Orvieto
  • S. Egidio airport is far from Otricoli km.
  • International Fiumicino (Rome) airport is far from Otricoli km.

Further information about Perugia  Otricoli

  • Population n°  1773
  • Surface Kmq.  27
  • H. a.see level m. 209

Useful telephone numers

  • Hospital +39 744 7401
  • Ambulance +39 744 7401
  • Doctor +39 744 710469
  • Pharmacy +39 744 719144
  • Police +39 744 113
  • Taxi+39 744 425294
  • A.P.T. phone:+39 744 423047
  • Procession   Holy Friday
  • Patron-Saint: San Vittore   May 14
To visit
  • The Archaeological area   
  • The Fortress   
  • The Santa Maria church   
  • The Roman rests of Otriculum   
  • The Amphitheatre   
  • The Theatre in Orpus Reticulatum.

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