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History of the town
  • Important roman fortress, it was certainly founded by the etruscans. Its name has four derivations, namely: 1 ) Pan Kalon - it means, place where every-thing is beautiful 2) Pan Calet - place where the are of God Pan arise 3) Pan Colis - place where millet is cultivated 4) Panis Collis - which means Pan Holy Hill. Inexpugnable castle, ceded only in 1643 to Mathias, leader of the florentine army, after it had been centre of battles, assaults, wars, partitions between Perugia and Chiusi for centuries; in 1037 it was the first free Italian commune.
  • Returned free commune after various events, in 1316 it obtains an autonomous statute which allowed them to elect consuls and priors among their own people. It gave hospitality in the centuries to Kings and Cardinals, to legates of the Pope and Princes, to emperors and Popes, from Innocenzo Illrd, sojourner in 1216, to Paolo IIIrd who on the 9th august 1543 with a bull, still preserved in the communal archives, nominates Panicale "notable land". To remember both, King Ladislao Durazzo and Carlo lIl who concludes the illustratious visits. Panicale is also generous native country of illustrious sons, greatest of all, the painter Masolino, the leader Boldrino Paneri, the poet Cesare Caporali and Giovanni Battista Caporali, very good painter and pupil of Perugino, Francesco Sgrelli, another worthy painter of this century.
How to reach to
  • Nearest railway station is
  • S. Egidio airport is far from Panicale km. 49
  • International Fiumicino (Rome) airport is far from Panicale km. 245

Further information about Perugia  Panicale

  • Population n°  5093
  • Surface Kmq.  79
  • H. a.see level m. 431

Useful telephone numers

  • Hospital +39 75 95261
  • Ambulance +39 75 95261
  • Doctor +39 75 837141
  • Pharmacy +39 75 837165
  • Police +39 75 113
  • Taxi+39 75 70800
  • A.P.T. phone:+39 75 9652484
  • n/a   November 4
  • n/a   Sunday of Easter
  • The Panicalese Castagnata   November: 2nd Sunday
  • Artisan exhibition   July/September
  • Feast of grapes   September: 3rd Sunday
  • June: First Sunday
  • Procession of San Pellegrino   September: First Sunday
  • Patron-Saint: San Michele Arcangelo   September 29
  • Procession of Dead Christ   Holy Friday
  • Date of "Ruzzolone"   Sunday and Monday of Easter   
To visit
  • The Complex of the collegiate going back to the 1000's   
  • The Carmine chapel with frescoes and ligneous Crucifix (XVth century)   
  • The Madonna della Sbarra Church   
  • The S. Agostino Church (XIVth century) and the S. Sebastiano Church   
  • The little church of Querciolana   
  • The Ceraseto Church   
  • The sanctuary of Madonna delle Grondici   
  • The sanctuary of Mongiovino

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